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Calcium Releaser

Calcium Releaser

A non-toxic, acid free cleaner that removes calcium deposits and efflorescence from pool tile, shower doors and plumbing fixtures. Calcium deposits are removed through the use of advanced acid-mimic technology, which targets mineral deposits without acid damage to glass, porcelain and ceramic tile surfaces or most metal finishes.

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Calcium Releaser

Calcium Releaser
  • Removes calcium deposits and efflorescence
  • Acid free – Non-toxic
  • Use with porcelain, ceramic and glass
  • Does not affect pool pH

Available Sizes:
8 oz. (Item # 102496)
1 quart (Item # 96100)
1 gallon (Item # 96101)

1 quart = ~75 sq. ft.
1 gallon = ~300 sq. ft.