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Oceancare’s Glass & Tile Shield is the perfect solution to preventing Calcium Build-Up.

Glass & Tile Shield

Calcium Build Up Prevention

An invisible, non-toxic, easy to apply surface protectant that inhibits the bond of calcium and other mineral deposits. Protected surfaces are easier to maintain and most deposits are removed with light brushing or scrubbing. This eliminates the need for abrasive or acidic cleaners and keeps your surfaces looking new, longer. Use on a variety of hard surfaces including ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass tile, natural stone, windows, shower doors, metal fixtures, mirrors, tubs and sinks. Excellent for pools, ponds and rock water features. Dried product is safe for aquariums and marine life.

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Glass & Tile Shield

Glass & Tile Shield
  • Prevents calcium and mineral build-up
  • Reduces maintenance on tile, shower doors & more
  • Excellent for pools and water features
  • Invisible, non-toxic & easy to apply

1 quart = 75 sq. ft.
1 gallon = 300 sq. ft.

How to remove calcium build up from tile

Calcium Build Up Cleaning Tips